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Oval cabochon pendant in natural hypersthene stone mounted with a 925 silver bail.



  • Shape : oval cabochon
  • Rock : Hypersthene
  • Color : black, gray 
  • Dimensions:3.5cm x 2.1cm x 0.8cm
  • Attached : silver 925
  • Origin: India
  • Chakra : solar plexus
  • Astrology:


Virgin: Hypersthene can help Virgos relax and let go, which can benefit their mental and physical health.


Cancer:Hypersthene can help Cancers feel more grounded and better manage their emotions.


Capricorn:Hypersthene can help Capricorns focus on their goals and persevere through difficult times.


Lion:Hypersthene can help Leos channel their energy in a positive way and develop their intuition.


Ram:Hypersthene can help Aries people be more patient and manage their anger better.


  • Mineralogy: shimmering inosilicate (pyroxene, orthorhombic, primary)


  • VirtuesstoneStrength, anchoring, perseverance. The stone of action, hypersthene energizes, combats procrastination and promotes the achievement of one's goals. It encourages people to overcome obstacles and move forward with courage and determination.


All this information is given for information purposes only. They absolutely do not constitute a diagnosis or medical treatment. If you have health problems, consult your doctor.


Sold without chain.


Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized creation.

Oval Hypersthene stone pendant


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