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Pierres Roulées

Tumbled stones

The universe oftumbled stones attracts you? You would like to discover thevirtues of thelithotherapy ?

L.Joy Créations offers you a large collection of tumbled stones, carefully selected for their beauty and energetic properties.

Whether you are looking for a stone to promoterelaxation, L'love, thereprotection or thecreativity, you will find your happiness.

Ourtumbled stones are available in different shapes, sizes and colors, to meet all your desires.

Do not hesitate to contact uscontact if you need advice on choosing the stone that suits you.

Tumbled stones

Unlike cut stones, rather than being worked by hand, these are placed in a barrel or in a container containing water or an abrasive. A rotating movement will then be made so that the stones collide and polish each other. The process generally lasts around ten days before they take on soft and very natural shapes.

Thanks to their great beauty, tumbled stones can be used as decorative items. Tumbled stones are also used in lithotherapy. You should know that the natural stones are known to have powerful curative and regenerative virtues. Some of them can even have a good influence on mood and spiritual energy. 

Moreover, at L.Joy creation, all our products are made with semi-precious stones. In this way, we guarantee you rolled stones that are robust and durable over time.

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