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Minéraux Bruts

Raw minerals

Raw minerals

As their name suggests, the raw minerals have not undergone any transformation. They are marketed in the form they were found, without being cut or polished first. Their sizes and appearances are there fore very random. However, certain stones from certain sources can be much larger or of different quality. Inasmuch as specialists in semi-precious stones, we meticulously sort our products so that they can meet your expectations.

Raw minerals are generally used for decorative purposes. For good reason, their unique natural shapes and aspects make them original and almost inimitable accessories. How ever, like all stones of natural origin, they have certain soothing virtues. 

At L.Joy creations, we have a large catalog of raw minerals in order to meet all needs. Our raw semi-precious stones are also in high demand among the little ones, all at a reasonable price. 

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