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macro sur une améthyste

Amethyst Stone

purple quartz, let's dive into the captivating world of amethyst, a natural stone with purple and lavender reflections. Born from the depths of Brazil, Uruguay or Sri Lanka, it captures light and diffuses it in a soft luminescence.

Fruit of a subtle alchemy between quartz and the natural pigments of manganese and iron, amethyst is adorned with a palette of vibrant purples, from soft mauve to lavender blue. Its rare beauty makes it a highly sought-after symbol of wisdom and spirituality.

More than just mineral beauty, amethyst is a source of benefits. His virtues soothing and purifying nourish the soul and spirit, promoting wisdom and spirituality.

Symbol of peace and eternity, the amethyst enhances jewelry. Let yourself be enchanted by its shimmering shades and discover its secrets of beauty and light.

Mineralogy: Amethyst

Physical and chemical properties

  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide (SiO2) with traces of impurities (iron, manganese, etc.)

  • Hardness: 7 on the Mohs scale (corresponds to the hardness of quartz)

  • Density: 2.65 g/cm³

  • Crystal system: Trigonal

  • Refractive index: 1.544 to 1.553

  • Birefringence: +0.009

Distinctive characters

  • Variety of quartz

  • Color purple, due to the presence of iron and manganese impurities

  • Transparency: transparent to translucent

  • Radiance:glassy

Formation and deposits

  • Se shape in hydrothermal veins and cavities of volcanic rocks

  • Origin : precipitation of silica from aqueous solutions containing iron and manganese ions

  • Important deposits: Brazil, Uruguay,

  • India, Madagascar, Zambia, Russia

Amethyst varieties

By pattern and structure :

  • Amethyst chevron: White or gray herringbone pattern

  • Cathedral Amethyst: Elongated, pointed crystals

  • Amethyst druse: Grouping of crystals on a rock matrix

  • Amethyst scepter: Main crystal topped with smaller crystals

By color and inclusions:

  • Smoky Amethyst: Gray or brown tint due to natural irradiation

  • Lavender Amethyst: Light purple color

  • Tiger's Eye Amethyst: Shimmer similar to tiger's eye

  • Prasiolite Amethyst: Green due to iron impurities

  • Ruby Amethyst: Red due to hematite inclusions

  • Green Amethyst: Green due to vanadium impurities

Other less common varieties:

  • Pink Amethyst: Subtle pink tint

  • Bolivian amethyst: Deep and intense amethyst color

  • Uruguayan Amethyst:Exceptional transparency

Note: Variety classification may vary depending on sources.

Trois pierres roulées naturelles d'améthyste sur un fond blanc
macro sur un amas d'améthyste

Amethyst: a stone
multi-faceted natural

Symbol of temperance, humility and wisdom.

Amethyst has captivated the imagination for centuries. Its history, tinged with myths and legends, fascinates and intrigues. Born from the metamorphosis of the nymph Ametis into a natural stone of haunting beauty to escape Bacchus, god of wine, amethyst has since been associated with virtues protective and beneficial.

Amethyst: A true talisman

A true talisman, amethyst is also considered a symbol of strength and fortune. Its purple hue, similar to the color of wine, evokes wealth and royalty. Wear a amethyst, whether in ring, necklace, bracelet or pendant, would allow you to benefit from its virtues and attract positive energy.

Amethyst: Benefits and virtues for the body and mind

Frontal Chakra.

Cognitive and mental improvement

  • Keep them away negative thoughts and promotes positivity

  • Fight it insomnia and improves sleep quality

  • Soothe her nervousness and anxiety

  • Support in the fight against addictions (alcoholism)

  • Help to overcomeneurotic states

Emotional balance and well-being

  • Stimulates the spirit and the concentration

  • Awakens the sense of the spiritual and the connection to intuition

  • Strengthens judgment and decision-making skills

Physical support and vitality

  • Relieves the headache

  • Soothes intestinal disorders

  • Reduces the burns and swelling

  • Promotes the resorption of bruises

  • Purifies the skin and fights impurities

druze d'améthyste sur un fond blanc

Items with amethyst

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