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Nos Bijoux en pierres semi-précieuses

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Lithotherapy Bracelets & Semi-precious stone jewelry

Care tips for semi-precious stone jewelry

It's better todo not sleep with jewelry (apart from necklaces with a single stone), nor to wear them to the beach, to the swimming pool or to play sports, in order to avoid shocks.Store your jewelry in a pocket or box, and do not leave them in contact with each other.

I hope you can wear your jewelry with joy for as long as possible. I am therefore happy to do my best to repair your jewelry if something bad happens to it.

Conseils d'entretien des bijoux et pierres

For stainless steel jewelry:

For several years,stainless steel is used in jewelry making.​ It is a material with a silver shine allowing you to obtain quality jewelry without the risk of allergies or oxidation problems.A piece of stainless steel jewelry will be resistant to time, humidity and wear. 

To clean steel jewelry, soak it in water mixed with baking soda or household baking soda. Then polish with hot vinegar and a soft cloth.

For stones and crystals

Ask for a sheet on the stones in your jewelry if you want to know their properties and benefits.

Stones and Crystals

Purification, recharging of stones and crystals

When to purify and recharge


Remember to purify and recharge the jewelry when you receive it, before wearing it.
They charge more or less strongly depending on the environment and your personal state. Generally speaking, one purification and one recharge per month is recommended, but can be carried out as soon as one feels that the mineral has less action.

Bijoux en pierres semi-précieuses

How to purify semi-precious stones?

Purification des Pierres semi-précieuses


Pass the stone through the smoke of incense that we are burning, visualizing the negative energies of the stone escaping and following the path of the smoke of the incense. Instead, go over the part of the necklace where the stones are and not over the metal.


You can run the stones under running tap water for a few minutes to cleanse negative energies, prefer lukewarm water. Rinse the stone and dry with a cotton or linen cloth.

Purification des pierres semi-précieuses

How to recharge semi-precious stones?

Recharger pierre
Rechargement des pierres semi-précieuses


Flames or heat are sources of energy very important.
Pass the stones gently over a candle and at the right distance.

This method should be used with the greatest caution and is reserved

to informed users.


Light is a natural energy universal emanating from the sun or the moon. Depending on the stone, it should be exposed for 1 to 2 hours to the light of one of these two stars.

Rechargement des pierres semi-précieuses

Bibliographic references

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This information is given for information purposes only, it cannot in any way
case constitute medical information, nor engage our liability. Properties, indications and method of useminerals cited come from reference books or websites in lithotherapy. Subject to errors or omissions, the texts cited are the property of their respective owners.


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