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macro d'une aigue-marine qui est une pierre  semi-précieuse. vertus

Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine, sister gem of theemerald, sparkles with an infinite blue, like an ocean of nuances. Born fromberyl, it captures the light of tropical lagoons and sea depths.

Turquoise blue, lagoon blue, sapphire blue, each nuance tells a story, each reflection whispers a secret. Symbol ofpeace and ofserenity, aquamarine soothes the mind and invites contemplation.

More than one semi-precious stone (fine), a treasure of nature, an invitation to travel and discover the depths blue.


Physical and chemical properties

  • Chemical composition: Be3Al2(Si6O18)

  • Hardness: 7.5 - 8 Mohs

  • Density:2.65 - 2.80 g/cm³

  • Crystal system: Hexagonal

  • Refractive index:1,577 - 1,583

  • Birefringence: +0.005 - 0.006

Distinctive characters

  • Variety ofberyl

  • Color : Light blue to dark blue, blue-green

  • Glow : Glassy

  • Transparency:Transparent to translucent

  • Cleavage: Perfect

Formation and deposits

  • Forms in granitic pegmatites and hydrothermal veins.

  • Origin : Substitution of iron by beryllium in the structure of beryl.

  • Main deposits: Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Colombia, Zambia, Russia.


  • Aquamarine Santa Maria: Intense dark blue color

  • Aquamarine Maxixe: Blue-green color due to natural irradiation

  • Trapiche aquamarine: Six-pointed star pattern visible inside the stone

pierres roulées d'aigue-marine poli qui est une pierre semi-précieuse, fine. vertus
Demi géode d'agate. Pierre semi-précieuse. bienfaits, vertus, lithothérapie.

L'Aquamarine: Emerald of the Seas and Talisman of Navigators

A kaleidoscope of blues

L'aquamarine, like a vibrant prism, captures the infinite nuances ofblue, from tender azure to deep sapphire. Her captivating beauty attracts eyes and captivates hearts, making her a semi (fine) precious stone coveted by women around the world. Its color, similar to the celestial vault and the clear waters of the lagoons, inspires artists who sculpt new forms from thismineral exceptional.

Marine legends and ancestral powers

Born from the foam of the waves and the song of sirens, theaquamarine carries within itself the essence of the sea. Since time immemorial, it has been considered the talisman ofbrowsers, guiding them andprotecting them during their journeys on the high seas. Its power is said to manifest when exposed to the sun's rays, illuminating its beauty and amplifying its mystical properties.

Symbol of happiness and harmony

To carryaquamarine is not just a simple adornment, it is wrapping yourself in a benevolent energy. Tradition gives it the power to guarantee a happy marriage and a prosperous life. Its gentle vibrationpromotes harmony and communication within the couple, making it an ideal gift for lovers and related souls.

Aquamarine: Benefits and virtues for the body and mind

Throat Chakra

Cognitive and mental improvement

  • Fight itdepression and gives hope

  • Brings lightness, serenity and inner peace

  • Promote thecommunication and emotional expression

  • Help to overcomefears and anxieties

Emotional balance and well-being

  • Stimulate itcreativity and foresight

  • Develops breadth of vision and intuition

  • Strengthens will andperseverance

  • Guide to success andpersonal achievement

Physical support and vitality

  • Improvement of theview

  • Relief ofsore throat and neck pain

  • Soothing of neuralgia

  • Strengthening the respiratory tract and lungs, help withasthma

Géode d'agate creuse étincelante. Blanc Orange a rouge. Pierre semi-précieuse. bienfaits, vertus, lithothérapie.

Items with aquamarine

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