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macro d'une agate de Botswana qui est une pierre semi-précieuse, fine. vertus.

Stone Agate

L'agate, a variety of chalcedony, is a quartz microcrystalline which is distinguished by its bands and layers of varied colors. Its name, derived from the Greek "akhates", refers to the Achates River in Sicily, where it was once found abundantly.


Physical and chemical properties

  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide (SiO2) with traces of impurities (iron, manganese, etc.)

  • Hardness: 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale

  • Density: 2.58 to 2.65 g/cm³

  • Crystal system: Rhombohedral

  • Refractive index: 1.53 to 1.54

  • Birefringence: +0.004 to +0.009

Distinctive characters

  • Variety ofchalcedony, itself a variety ofquartz.

  • Distinguished by its bands and layers of varied colors, due to impurities.

  • Common colors: gray, white, brown, red, yellow, blue.

  • Transparency: translucent to opaque.

  • Glow : glassy to waxy.

Formation and deposits

  • Forms in cavities of volcanic rocks and in hydrothermal veins.

  • Origin : precipitation of silica from aqueous solutions.

  • Important deposits: Brazil, Uruguay, India, Madagascar, China.

plusieurs agate de Botswana poli qui est une pierre semi-précieuse, fine. vertus
Image de Ian Talmacs

L'Agate : Mysteries, Legends and Fascinating Properties

Stone of enchantment and intrigue, agate has captivated the imagination of men for centuries. In the past, she was revered for her mystical powers:

  • Invisibility and victory: It was said that it made its wearer invisible and ensured victory over their enemies.

  • Eloquence and persuasion: A symbol of eloquence and persuasiveness, it attracted popularity and divine favor.

  • Luck and protection: In ancient Rome, wearing aring made of agate was a talisman of luck and protection against evil forces.

Renowned for its healing properties, agate was used as an amulet:

  • Against snake bites: Protected against snake bites and relieved pain.

  • Universal remedy: Saint Hildegard of Bingen recommended drinking an agate infusion to cure all ailments.

Symbolism and beliefs across cultures:

  • Ancient Rome: Talisman of luck and protection against evil forces.

  • Middle Ages: Remedy for snake bites and diseases.

  • East: Symbol of longevity, prosperity and happiness.

Agate today:

  • Coveted semi-precious or fine stone: Retains its status as a semi-precious stone coveted for its beauty and unique properties.

  • History and symbolic meanings: Continues to fuel the imagination and captivate music enthusiasts minerals.

Agate : Benefits and virtues for the body and mind

Heart Chakra

Cognitive and mental improvement

  • Improvement of the concentration and some memory

  • Stimulation of the logical and Cartesian thinking

  • Development of the perseverance and some tenacity

Emotional balance and well-being

  • Brought emotional stability and reduces the anxieties and stress

  • Strengthening the self-confidence and courage

  • Promotes inner peace and harmony

Physical support and vitality

  • Improved vision and relief of conjunctivitis

  • Fight against feverish infections and strengthening of immune system

  • Soothing of inflammations of the bladder and urinary problems

  • Stimulation of the digestion and improvement of intestinal transit

  • Prevention of tumors of the' stomach and protection against ulcers

  • Strengthening blood vessels and improvement of blood circulation

pierres roulées d'agate mousse poli qui est une pierre semi-précieuse, fine. vertus.
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