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Bracelet of round semi-precious pearls in diameter 6mm, 8 mm



Rock: Garnet (alamandine)


Mineralogy: iron aluminum nesosilicate (cubic, tertiary)


Lithotherapy:strength of resistance; strengthens the will and helps to live one's own sexuality; allows one to impose one's ideas and personal views against significant resistance; activates blood circulation, hematopoiesis and metabolism .


All this information is given for information purposes only. They absolutely do not constitute a diagnosis or medical treatment. If you have health problems, consult your doctor.

Color: dark red
Assembly: elastic thread.



S: 16-17cm

M: 18-19cm
L: 20-21cm
XL: 22-23cm


Contact us for a size larger than 23 cm or a child size.

Garnet Bracelet


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