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Bracelet of round semi-precious pearls in diameter 6mm, 8 mm



Rock: Fluorite


Green Fluorite

Mineralogy: calcium fluoride (halide, cubic, primary)


Lithotherapy:abundance of ideas, dissolution; intensifies feelings and moods and thus allows one to become aware of them;  removes narrow-mindedness, brings ideas and a rapid capacity for conceptualization:  promotes detoxification, helps in cases of arthritis, rheumatism, gout and mycoses.


Purple Fluorite

Mineralogy: calcium fluoride (halide, cubic, primary/secondary)


Lithotherapy: liberation, self-determination; for the

emotional stability and inner peace; helps in cases of learning and concentration difficulties, strengthens memory; helps in cases of excess weight resulting from bad eating habits, in cases of tumors and slow purulent sores.


All this information is given for information purposes only. They absolutely do not constitute a diagnosis or medical treatment. If you have health problems, consult your doctor.

Color: green, purple
Assembly: elastic thread.



S: 16-17cm

M: 18-19cm
L: 20-21cm
XL: 22-23cm


Contact us for a size larger than 23 cm or a child size.

Fluorite Bracelet


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