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Treat yourself to a piece of jewelry that reflects your image, carefully crafted according to our requirements: the men's bracelet in natural matte onyx stone, lava stone and tiger's eye in 8mm or 10mm beads , "made to order" with a selection rigorous use of the most beautiful natural stones.

This unique bracelet is made to order, tailor-made for your wrist.


  • Eye of the Tiger: Protection, confidence, perseverance. Stone of luck, tiger's eye fights stress, stimulates creativity and promotes success.

  • Lava stone: Strength, anchoring, courage. Stone of energy, lava stone energizes, combats stress and promotes vitality.

  • Onyx: Stone of anchor and strength, matte onyx is appreciated for its properties of protection against negative influences and strengthening of self-confidence.


  • Bead size: 8mm or 10mm
  • Origin: Brazil and South Africa
  • Materials: matte onyx, lava stone and tiger's eye , elastic thread
  • Finish: Glossy and satin
  • Manufacturing: French, on demand
  • Available sizes: 14cm to 23cm
  • Colors: brown and black

This bracelet is an ideal gift for:

  • People looking for a unique and original piece of jewelry
  • Fans of lithotherapy and the virtues of natural stones

In addition to its virtues , this bracelet is a real fashion accessory that will enhance your wrist.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any customization requests.

Men's bracelet in onyx stone, lava stone and tiger's eye