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Description :

Succumb to the beauty and virtues of this bracelet in malachite for men and women, truesemi-precious stone originally from the Republic of Congo. Available in 6mm, 8mm or 10mm beads, it is handcrafted and custom-made for a perfect fit on your wrist.

Features :

Stone type: Malachite
Origin : Republic of Congo
Bead sizes available: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Elastic : 0.8mm for 6mm and 8mm beads, 1mm for 10mm beads
Size : Custom handmade

Properties of Malachite:


For more information on the virtues of malachite, click here 

Stone of protection and abundance
Promotes positive transformation
Soothes pain and tension
Stimulates creativity and inspiration
Develops intuition and clairvoyance

Thisnatural malachite stone bracelet is a real jewel that will enhance your wrist. Its intense green color and unique veining make it a refined and original accessory. Perfect for a bohemian chic look or a touch of everyday elegance.

An ideal gift:

Offer this malachite bracelet to a person who is dear to you to pass on his blessings and hispositive energy. A symbolic and thoughtful gift that is sure to please.

Malachite natural stone bracelet


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